Amy was awesome when she came to my kitchen and showed me and my wife how to cook Duck. She also showed us how to cook the PERFECT risotto! Now I usually hate risotto’s but Amy’s was indeed perfect. I tried it again the following night and now I am a convert to risottos! Thanks Amy.

Andy – Murray Bridge

 What a fantastic experience to have someone cook in my own kitchen. I had a few friends over too and they all enjoyed learning a simple way to cook an extravagant dish. Amy has a wealth of knowledge and experience which shows in her technique and ease of working in a foreign kitchen too.

I definitely recommend Cooks in Your Kitchen to my friends, especially the ones who don’t know how to cook!

Janelle – Ethelton

Amy and Cooks in Your Kitchen made my dinner party a huge success. My friends were all amazed that something so delicious could come out of my kitchen. My 8 year old didn’t want to leave and now I will have to book more classes so he can be involved! Amy has sparked an interest to do more cooking….

Lynda – Clearview