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About Me


IMG_8841Amy Portrait CIYKGrowing up with Italian Grandparents, I developed a love of food, as well as the amazing relationships that grow from a shared meal. Over the years I found family and friends often asking me to teach them how to prepare some favourite dishes – or to bring along a variety of dishes to different occasions.

After the birth of my daughter, I decided to take my passion for great food and develop it into a cooking school for REAL people. Through this journey I also came across the amazing thermomix – and not only loved the machine so much that I also became a consultant for a number of years – and found there was a real need for so many people who wanted to get more use out of their appliance and incorporate it into their everyday cooking and to improve their culinary skills.

I also¬†enjoy the opportunity to cater for different events – and help others celebrate their many special occasions – from valentine’s day surprises, birthday parties, engagements, weddings and corporate events.

I look forward to meeting you at a cooking class sometime soon!